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Melissa Ponder-Brackman

Anita and Mel interview Melissa Ponder-Brackman, who shares her INSANE story of how she became a widow by way of a serial killer. Melissa talks about the many unbelievable facets of her journey, and how she has come to a place of forgiveness. Her story was so riveting that Anita and Mel forgot to ask her what her favorite cheese is.

What I Want My In Laws to Know

Anita and Mel delve into the rarely-talked-about-in-public topic of: in-laws. The scope and spectrum of experience among young widows is wide with this one, but is a hot topic. Anita is stoked. Mel is terrified, but copes by wearing cat leggings.

Emily Cave, The NHL Widow

Anita and Mel interview Emily Cave, who was widowed at 25 when her husband, professional hockey player for the Edmonton Oilers, Colby Cave, died unexpectedly in 2020. Emily discusses what it’s like to grieve in the spotlight as an introvert during Covid. The widow unity is strong with these three, and further topics include importance of the widow community and, of course, dark humor. 

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